Blood Donor Register

In human medicine, blood donation has been regarded as an important, well advertised necessity. People are encouraged nationwide to give blood as an act of charity to help others in need of blood. Blood is precious, there is nothing like it and no artificial substance can mimic its properties. It not only provides red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body, but also contains clotting factors and cells known as platelets that help the blood to clot.

In Veterinary medicine, blood transfusions are also required in various situations. We are undertaking blood transfusions on a regular basis now to give your pets the best possible chance of survival. If your animal has an accident causing profuse bleeding such as a road traffic accident, ingestion of rat posion, various forms of cancer and auto immume conditions or more rarely during surgery, your animal may require a blood transfusion. However,since there is no national animal blood bank or stores of blood for your pet we are provided with a huge problem of finding animals that can donate blood in an emergency situation. We rely on the kindness of our clients to offer their animals for blood donation.

At J A C Kew and partners we have a record or animals that are willing to become blood donors in case of emergency. We require healthy dogs over 25 kilograms in weight (labrador size and over). They should be fully vaccinated and have not travelled abroad during their lives. We also advise that your dog is well behaved and calm to ensure blood collection causes minimal stress.

Cats are also required on our blood donor list. We require any cat over 5kg, that is in good health in general, fully vaccinated, neutered and ideally have been kept indoors. We especially encourage Siamese cats due to their blood type and also British Shorthaired and Devon Rex.

The blood is taken from the jugular vein in the neck and takes literally minutes to collect. It can then be used straight away to help save another animal’s life. We only take as much blood as is necessary and safe for the animal concerned. Usually after blood is taken, we make sure that your animal is well and is given a tasty treat to make sure that they feel better before leaving the practice. Healthy animals will completely regenerate blood cells in 48 hours so should be back to his or her happy self very quickly! Most owners notice their animals are back ot normal within 1 day. There are no side effects to worry about after blood is taken from your animal.

Since the blood is often required in an emergency situation, we apologise if we contact you during inconvenient times of the day and will avoid this if possible.If you and your animal are able to help us to save lives, we offer a free annual booster vaccination as a goodwill gesture.

J A C Kew and Partners are a well establised veterinary practice based in Harlow with 3 branches in Sawbridgeworth, Bishops Stortford and Ongar. We aim to provide first class care for all domestic pets, farm animals and horses and have been in practice for 40 years. We provide in house blood testing, xray and ultrasound suite and provide 24hour emergency care at the Harlow surgery.

If you would like any more information on this service offered by KewVets, please contact us.